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Is this what our forefathers envisaged

I was recently reading and article by Malaika Wa Azania about what “our forefathers” dreamt of.

Of course she was referring to her black ancestors but I would like to take this in a broader sense.

The inception of the ANC saw a new day in South Africa, it gave oppressed blacks hope of a brighter future. That’s it, they envisaged the dawn of a new day when the white man who had stolen their land would have the tables turned on him.

When the white man came to Africa, he came to steal. He saw the opportunity to create an empire and he took it. The whites built roads, schools and hospitals (for themselves).

I read a comment in which someone claimed that his ancestors found a “barren land” and built hospitals and schools. This angered me because I believe Africa was NEVER barren. The white man used that as an excuse to steal.

Someone posted a comment in which they said something that seemed to end our debate. “different forefathers, different dreams…”

The white man’s dream was temporarily realized but it came to an end, the black mans dream however has been realized to a greater extent.

In conclusion, none of our forefathers have had their dreams fully realized.

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Rainbow Nation:Myth or Possibility

Conceived by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the 80s, the ideology of the rainbow nation states that all races can live together in harmony. It seems to me like a slave being freed and staying with his former oppressor, I would do ‘justice’ and make him suffer but that’s probably why I’m not in charge of South Africa.

I believe that the rainbow nation is a myth, it is impossible for it to be realized. I say this because after a revolution, the formerly oppressed will not want to live with he who oppressed him.

France, is an example of this, at the height of the French Revolution, Louis and Marie were executed. Nelson Mandela is the only reason South Africa didn’t take this route. He believed in the myth which is the rainbow nation and even appointed F.W De Klerk as his second deputy president.

It will take decades until strides begin to be made in realizing this dream. Right now we are going backwards, political parties seeking expropriation of land without compensation (from whites of course). This happened in Zimbabwe, whites were brutalized, had their farms burnt down all because the blacks wanted the land stolen from them by the British-but they took the farms for all the wrong reasons, they didn’t do this for any form of justice but rather to create an illusion thereof.

Politics-the basis of democracy


Brutality At The Hands Of The Police



They claim to “protect and serve” but in some cases all they do is brutalize civilians. They use weapons that were acquired by use of our tax against us. in my opinion these are just wolves in sheep’s’ clothing, murderers disguised as police.

Barack Obama condemned polices brutality in middle eastern countries but ironically when it happens in America he stays quiet.Back here in South Africa, police massacred people in Marikana two  years ago, 34 miners in total. Do we want the situation in 1976 when apartheid police shot dead protesting students who were armed with stones?



LONMIN 5 Month Strike

In late January 2014 Lonmin miners downed tools and went on the longest strike in South African history. This happened only two years after 34 striking Lonmin miners were shot dead by South African Police.

Now let’s go back 11 years, to fathers day 2003, when all 130 workers at an American hotel walked out of the job. They went on what would later become the longest strike in history, lasting 10 years.

Now, the Lonmin strike has lasted for 5 months and Lonmin remains reluctant to concede on the R12 500 salary demanded. These miners only earned R4000 before they went on strike and their strike means they go without salaries.

Is this strike going to go on for years? I don’t think so, in my view, Lonmin will concede. I say this because political pressure is mounting and Lonmin is losing too much money. They have already lost R20-30 billion and anyone in their right state of mind would know that this is not the way to go.


Politics-the basis of democracy

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Is Capitalism The Way To Go?

Gone are the days when government held monopolies over their respective economies, well in some countries.

The United States is capitalist and for many years its currency has been the strongest in the world. The US Dollar is even the official currency of many countries with weak economies such as Zimbabwe. Further to this, the US houses the worlds largest stock exchange:NYSE.

Most African countries have refused to adopt capitalism and as a result most of their economies continue to suffer. South Africa is capitalist and their economy is quite good. It also holds the largest stock exchange in Africa. This has made it the ideal economic exile for other African countries, especially Zimbabwe.


Politics-the basis of democracy


Was Malema wrong in calling the ANC murderers?

Let’s go back two years, to Marikana, the town in which South African Police shot dead 34 striking miners.

Malema saw a political opportunity and jumpstarted his party:the EFF.

Now two years later, in 2014, Julius Malema is a Member of Parliament. He claims that his party is a representative of the people and to wear that, he and the rest of his party executives wear overalls and gumboots to parly, in memory of the miners who were killed in Marikana.

However, during his maiden speech he makes a mistake (debatably) and accuses the African National Congress (the ruling party) of murder.

He said this in reference to Marikana. However the chairperson of the National Council of provinces (NCOP) decided that Hourable Malema’s statement was unparliamentary and ordered him to withdraw the statement. He refused, saying “When the police reduce crime, you say the ANC have reduced crime but when the police kill people you don’t want us to say the ANC has killed people.” He was ordered to leave the house, to which he replied”No problem.” The rest of his party representatives staged a walk out.

He, in my opinion, is not entirely wrong in saying the ANC are murderers but I feel that he could have phrased the accusation differently. For example: “The ANC are responsible for the murder of miners because the murders were committed during the party’s tenure in government by the party’s police force”

Lindiwe Sisulu, an ANC MP, in her speech, welcomed honorable Malema “To this house, where manners are an important part of our conduct.”
(In allusion to his statements that the ANC are murderers) Rather ironically she went on to accuse Mmusi Maimane, a Democratic Alliance MP of being a “hired native” and a “black commodity”. (Because he is an executive member of a party led by a white woman)
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Politics-the basis of democracy